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Ayat 1
Endehon Debata haleluya Amen
Ama parholongi haleluya Amen
Ria ma hita be di adopanNa I
Rap taendehonma haleluya Amen Amen

Ayat 2
Bereng tu Jesus I Haleluya Amen Parmahan Bolon I
Haleluya Amen, Anak ni Debata Parasi roha I
Hot do holongNa I haleluya Amen.

Ayat 3
Pasangap Tondi Haleluya Amen, na Mangapuli I
Haleluya Amen, Tondi Panompa I, gohi ma rohangki
Paimbaru rohangki, haleluya Amen.


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