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Ayat 1
Advent I do di tingki on Marsaringar di tano on.
Ingkon rade oroan I Managam Sipalua i
Advent, Advent, na ro ma Tuhan I, antong tagam ma.

Ayat 2
Advent, gok olop-olop do di langit ni parlangitan ni.
Mandok na ro ma Tuhan I manopot huriaNa i.

Ayat 3
Advent di tonga borngin do, dungo so tung laos tarpodom ho.
Tompu so panagaman do, songon panangko borngin ro.

Ayat 4
Advent, advent, advent, advent martua do oroanNa i.
Na bisuk na marroha I, marulos hatigoran I


  • Syair & Lagu: Advent

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